Race Rules

  • Classes
    • RECREATION: This Class is to introduce paddlers to racing with canoes not designed specifically for racing
    • STOCK ALUMINUM: Production models of established manufacturers. No Lowline, Minnieck or Beaverboats. No changes other than seats or foot braces
    • C-2 STOCK: Stock class will follow NYMCRA rules. Accepted C-2 stock canoes: Wenonah: Jensen 17&18, Sundowner, Minnesota II, Odyssey, Champlain, Escape, Escapade; Grasse River Boat Works: Traveler 17’15”, Traveler 18’6”, Monarch; Mad River: Lamoille; Horizon; Bell Canoe: Northstar, Northwind, Northwoods; Savage River: Susquehanna
    • C-1 and C-2 Amateur: This is the class for the more serious athlete, the top level for the amateur racer. May use 3x27 pro or USCA Competition Cruising boats.
    • PROFESSIONAL 3X27: These are canoeing elite, with paddlers competing for prize money.
    • C-1 STOCK: Entry level for the solo class. Grasse River Boat Works: Classic, Classic XL; Wenonah: Advantage, Prism, Encounter, Solitude; Sawyer: Summer Song, DY Special, Shock Wave; Savage River: Otegan (modified); Bell Canoe: Magic; Mad River: Independence.
    • C-4 STOCK:The boat must be specifically built by the manufacturer to accommodate 4 paddlers. One of a kind canoes must be petitioned 30 days prior to race date. Current C-4 Stock List: Wenonah - Minnesota 3, Minnesota 4 Bell Canoe Works - North Shore Savage River -Saranac
  1. The race committee reserves the right to require MANDATORY PORTAGES or alter the race course as needed, marked with ribbon, for the safety of the competitors prior to the start of any race. A 10 minute penalty will be added to finish time if a competitor does not follow this rule.
  2. Flotation shall not be moved from its original position or reduced in volume. Bulkheads and decks will completely cover flotation and shall be original equipment or equivalent and permanently secured using rivets, bolts, screws or weld. Fastening by any other means will not be allowed.
  3. Single blade paddles of any length permitted. Double bladed paddles are allowed in kayaks. Paddlers are encouraged to have a spare paddle in boat.
  4. All canoes eligible for prizes may be checked at the finish line, immediately after finishing, ensuring they meet specifications. All rules are New York Marathon Canoe Racing Association and United States Canoe Association Rules and the decision of the judges will be final on all questionable canoes. Compliance with rules is the responsibility of the racer.
  5. Extra devices or assistance of any nature from any source will not be permitted. (Exception: team assistance allowed at relay changes).
  6. All canoes shall carry, or occupants shall wear, a US Coast Guard approved personal flotation device, in good and serviceable condition, and of appropriate size for the intended user. Wearable flotation devices must be readily accessible per USCA rules. All contestants in Generation Gap, Youth and Scout races under age 19 must wear a US Coast Guard approved PFD, in the proper manner, in accordance with the New York State Laws. Non-compliance will result in disqualification.
  7. Proof of age will be required for all race contestants. Ages are determined as of the day of the race based on the age of the youngest paddler. 50 year old and over: both paddlers must be 50 years of age.
  8. All canoes and kayaks are required to have a whistle in the boat, according to US Coast Guard Law. Non-compliance will results in a 10 minute penalty.
  9. Canoes must remain in the river at all times except where necessary for log jams, dams or bridges. You are required to return to the water immediately after clearing the obstacle. Overland portages are not allowed. ANY CHANNEL MAY BE USED AS LONG AS WATER IS RUNNING THROUGH IT. AN OVERLAND PORTAGE IN ANY CHANNEL WITHOUT WATER IS NOT ALLOWED. ALL CHANNELS OPEN DUE TO HIGHER WATER LEVELS ARE USED AT YOUR OWN RISK. At Goodyear Lake Dam (Colliers Dam), do not go under cables. At Southside Oneonta Dam portage only on the right. Non-compliance will result in disqualification.
  10. Any canoes crossing the imaginary starting line before the gun goes off will be penalized 10 minutes. There will be video cameras on the line to record any infractions. If you tip over at the start, you must still go around the boat turn around.
  11. Each canoe will have a number provided by the Regatta Committee to be placed on both sides of the bow (front) of the canoe and plainly visible when the canoe is in the water.
  12. All contestants who leave the race MUST report to officials at the Regatta Office or Timing booth either in person, by telephone, or digital communtication. If one person drops out, the team is disqualified. The race officially ends at 8:00 PM and the Chamber Of Commerce ceases all functions at that time.
  13. All protests shall be written and accompanied by a $100.00 check. They must be submitted an hour prior to trophy presentations.
  14. Entrants release the Chamber of Commerce of Bainbridge and their representatives of all responsibility.
  15. All prize money paid by check is valid for 60 days only.
  16. The use of alcohol and/or controlled substances will not be tolerated.
  17. All pro racers of any class must complete IRS form “W9” if earning $600.00 or more. Checks will not be issued without completed form.
  18. C-1 canoes are not allowed in any Generation Gap Race.
  19. The Race Committee has the discretion to make changes to rules without prior notification for the safety of the canoeists.
Max Length Min Weight Min Bow Hgt Min Stern Height Min Center
Width @ waterline Max Tumblehome
Stock Aluminum 18'6" N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Recreation 17'6" 55# from
NYMCRA Stock C-2 18'6" N/A 16.5" 16.5" 12" 15% of Length at 4” NYMCRA
Kayak see race entry for rules
Competition Cruising 18'6" N/A 15" 10' 10" 27" x 3" Min 33" @
Competition Cruising 18'6" N/A 15.5" 11.5" 11.5" 14 3/8% of
Professional 3x27 18'6" N/A 15" 10" 10" 27" x 3" Min 33" @
C-1 Stock NYMCRA 17' N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 3.5"
C-1 Racing & C1 Pro 18'6" N/A 15.5" 11.5" 11.5" 14 3/8% of
C-4 Stock 23'1" 50 # from
20" 17" 13" Minimum width over the middle 4 feet of the boat is 33" at both the gunwales and 4" waterline 2"