Spectator Guide

Spots to Watch the Race

Note: Please do not park on bridges. Use caution when crossing roads. Make sure you have a local map. The official General Clinton Canoe Regatta Map is recommended.

Start: Brookwood Point Rte 80 in Cooperstown. Canoes line up 100' from shore and paddle out into lake around a boat, then paddle into mouth of river. Watch at start, mouth of river, or 1st bridge on Main Street (OR) 1st Portage: Below Bassett Hospital. Watch at the bridge or from the parking lot of the hospital.

Phoenix Mills bridge: take Rt 33 or Rt 28S to Phoenix Mills Cross Rd. You can't cross over bridge by car as bridge is out. First pros arrive approx. 45 minutes after the start, (OR) Hyde Park Bridge: which is reached by either Rt. 33 or 28S.

Compton Bridge: take Rt 33 or 28S to 11c. First pros arrive approx. 45-50 minutes after the start. Compton Bridge Fishing Access

Clintonville: Bridge out. Reached via 33 or 28 on Clintonville Road.

Milford Bridge: From 33, turn right onto 166 or 28S turn left onto 166. Pit crews feed paddlers here. First pros arrive approx. 10:00AM.

Crumhorn Boat Lauch: (Be prepared to hike on a trail through woods to get to river.) Take 166W and turn right onto Route 35. Bear right after bridge. look for sign on right and turn right down dirt road.

Portlandville Bridge: Continue on Route 35 and turn right at T, or take 28S directly from Milford if you prefer to skip the hike at above boat launch.

Good Year Lake Dam (2nd Portage): Continue on 28S. Parking on side of road. See paddlers run with canoe up and steep hills. (OR) Colliersville Bridge/Public Boat Launch: Turn right off 28S to Route 7. Turn left onto Route 7 Est. Go over bridge and turn right to boat launch.

Emmons Public Boat Launch: Follow Route 7 W. Turn left at red light onto Route 47. Turn left onto Stillwater Road.

Southside Dam, Oneonta (3rd and Final Portage): Get off exit 15 on I-88. Turn left onto 23E. Just past Neptune Diner turn left. You can observe paddlers portaging on opposite side of river. Another site to see paddlers being fed by pit crews. This is about 1/2 way point of the race. First pros arrive approx. noon.

Oneonta Public Boat Launch or 205 Bridge: W I-88, Exit 13. Turn left onto Route 60. Turn left to enter boat launch.

Otego (Bridge out): Follow Route 48 and pull off road to right. look for other cards parked. (OR) Follow Route 7 and turn left onto River Road.

Otego/Wells Bridge Public Boat Launch: Follow Route 38 or Route 7W to Route 48.

Wells Bridge: Continue on Route 48 or Route 7 West.

Unadilla: There are a few spots to watch from. Follow Route 7W. You will see the river just before you reach the bridge. Anywhere here is a good place to watch. Just past the bridge is a park where you can watch paddlers as they go over a small dam.

Unadilla Public Boat Launch: Cross bridge in Unadilla off Route 7. Make first right onto River Road.

Sidney Bridge: Back track from above to Route 7 West or continue on River Road. Once in town, turn right off River Road onto Main Street and follow until you get to the bridge. NOTE: You may want to skip this site if you want to ensure you will see your team at the end of the race, since it is only 4 miles until the finish.

Bainbridge-General Clinton Park: FINISH!!!! Follow Route 7 West or get on W I-88 and off Bainbridge exit. Turn right off exit, then another right onto Main Street. Fri: Free Parking. Sat & Sun: Fee per car load. Monday: Fee per car load. No admission fee to enter on foot.


What to Bring

  • Entry list from the website of race participants with canoe number and a racers time sheet to record positions at various sites. Don't forget pencil to write with.
  • Official General Clinton Canoe Regatta Map or local map of Otsego County.
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Wear layers of clothing that you can take off or add as needed. Make sure you have an extra set of clothes
  • Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Umbrella and rain gear
  • Hot and cold beverages. Freeze water bottle 1/2 or 3/4 full the night before and add water in the AM. This serves as an ice pack to keep food cold or a refreshing cold beverage if it is a hot day.
  • Picnic lunch and snacks