2021 Race Results

2021 Virtual 70 Miler

2021 Virtual 70 Miler - U Start Time: 06:00:00
No Results for this class

Generation Gap (Stock Aluminum, Ages 5-12 or 13-18 with Adult 14+ years older

Stock Aluminum 2 - Generation Gap (13-18 y.o. + Adult 14+ years older) - B Start Time: 18:14:00
Boat ID: B10 Team Name: Team Beckwith Finished At: 18:41:49 Time: 00:27:49
Quinton Beckwith
Sidney, NY
Dale Beckwith
Sidney, NY
Boat ID: B12 Team Name: Team Overalls 2 Finished At: 18:42:45 Time: 00:28:45
Ava / Griffin Cirigliano
Daniel Cirigliano
Unadilla, NY
Boat ID: B13 Team Name: Team Overalls Finished At: 18:48:04 Time: 00:34:04
Gabriel Cirigliano
Kelly Cirigliano
Unadilla, NY
Stock Aluminum 1 - Generation Gap (5-12 y.o + Adult 14+ years older) - A Start Time: 18:14:00
Boat ID: A19 Team Name: Collier Boys Finished At: 18:42:17 Time: 00:28:17
John Collier
Richmondville, NY
Logan Collier
Boat ID: A21 Team Name: Finished At: 18:44:08 Time: 00:30:08
Brooke Whiting
Schoharie, NY
Will Whiting
Fultonville, NY
Boat ID: A18 Team Name: PeppyPaddlers Finished At: 18:45:46 Time: 00:31:46
Madeline Laubach
Endicott, New York
Sue McIntyre
Mount Upton, NY
Boat ID: A17 Team Name: Tonka Finished At: 18:46:54 Time: 00:32:54
Tonka Wheeler
Unadilla, NY
Peggy Braman
Unadilla, NY
Boat ID: A20 Team Name: Finished At: 18:49:12 Time: 00:35:12
Kevin Northup
Oxford, NY
Brandy Wheeler
Unadilla, NY

Generation Gap (Female 11-18 or 19+ y.o. youth + Adult Female 14 years older than youth)

Stock Aluminum 4 - Generation Gap (2 females Or mixed team, One paddler 14+ years older) - D Start Time: 18:45:00
No Results for this class
Stock Aluminum 5 - Generation Gap (19+ y.o. + Adult 14+ years older) - E Start Time: 18:45:00
No Results for this class

Generation Gap - Amateur 4 (1st paddler: 19+; 2nd paddler 14+ years older

Amateur 4 - Generation Gap - J Start Time: 18:58:00
Boat ID: J16 Team Name: Traverse City Thunder Finished At: 19:20:07 Time: 00:22:07
Ed Curley
Sidney, NY
Weston Willoughby
Traverse City, MI
Boat ID: J21 Team Name: Finished At: 19:21:16 Time: 00:23:16
Al Shaver
Meridale, NY
Jake Crotser
Oneonta, NY
Boat ID: J18 Team Name: Roger McDodger Finished At: 19:22:03 Time: 00:24:03
Michael Schlimmer
Cortland, NY
Roger Henry
Rexford, NY
Boat ID: J15 Team Name: Bob and Ashley Finished At: 19:22:11 Time: 00:24:11
Ashley Wisse
Oneonta, NY
Bob Wisse
Oneonta, NY
Boat ID: J17 Team Name: Zaveral Racing Equipment Finished At: 19:22:19 Time: 00:24:19
Bob Zaveral
Mount Upton, NY
Mary Schlimmer
Traverse City, MI
Boat ID: J19 Team Name: Finished At: 19:24:52 Time: 00:26:52
Amber Giles
Bainbridge , NY
Duke Fisher
Bainbridge, NY

Generation Gap - Amateur 2 (13-18y.o. youth + adult 14+ years older)

Amateur 2 - Generation Gap (13-18 y.o. + Adult 14+ years older) - G Start Time: 18:58:00
Boat ID: G3 Team Name: Braman Canoe Team Finished At: 19:23:39 Time: 00:25:39
Matthew Braman
Greene, NY
Bruce Braman
Greene, NY

Generation Gap - Amateur 1 (5-12 y.o. youth + Adult 14 years older)

Amateur 1 - Generation Gap(5-12 y.o. + Adult 14+ years older) - F Start Time: 18:58:00
Boat ID: F8 Team Name: Shultis Finished At: 19:24:44 Time: 00:26:44
Tru Shultis
Oneonta, NY
Jeff Shultis
Otego, NY
Boat ID: F9 Team Name: Phoebe and Rachelle Finished At: 19:24:47 Time: 00:26:47
Rachelle Reese
Phoebe Reese
Oneonta, NY
Boat ID: F11 Team Name: Team Bachorik Finished At: 19:26:24 Time: 00:28:24
Logan Bachorik
Hartwick, Ny
Steve Bachorik
Hartwick, Ny
Boat ID: F12 Team Name: Finished At: 19:26:47 Time: 00:28:47
Josh Schlafer
Unadilla, NY
Isaac Schlafer
Boat ID: F10 Team Name: Tim and Hanna Finished At: 19:27:06 Time: 00:29:06
Hanna Reese
Tim Reese