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56th Annual General Clinton Canoe Regatta
MAY 25 TO 28 2018
Antiques and Collectibles Flea Market and Craft Show - Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce
For Information contact:                                
Lori McGraw at 607-967-4393
Please include: A Check for total booth payable to: Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce, a copy of New York State sales tax certificate and signed contract.       Mail to:   Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce   P.O. Box 2, Bainbridge NY 13733
Set up hours: Thursday May 24, 2018 - 5 to 9 PM or Friday, May 26, 2017 9 AM to 5 PM
Show hours:  Friday  May 25, 5  to 11 PM, Saturday May 26, 11 to 11 PM, Sunday May 27, 11 to 11 PM, Monday May 28, 11 to 5 PM
Show location - The General Clinton Park, 2520 State Route 7, Bainbridge, New York 13733
The Bainbridge Chamber retains the right to ask for the removal of objects, which in their judgment are objectionable, without refund.  This is a community and family friendly weekend.  No drug paraphernalia, no string sprays, no stink bombs, no pornographic material and absolutely no weapons of any kind will be permitted. No pets or intoxicants of any kind are allowed on the grounds. Exhibitors must be present to sell their goods.  State sales tax certificates must be displayed.  After park is open absolutely no vehicular movement while the public is present.  Overnight camping is allowed only with paid camping fees. Parking in Designated AREA only. Your contract will be considered a firm commitment to attend.  Therefore, no refunds will be given.  Each exhibitor is responsible for his/her person and dependent persons and his/her own goods and possessions at all times.  The Bainbridge Chamber and its agents shall not be held liable for failure to fulfill its contractual obligations provided such failure is caused by closures of site locations due to any cause beyond its control.  Bainbridge Chamber shall not be held liable for damages to exhibitor’s wares or personal property or for loss or injury caused by products sold or exhibited by exhibitors.  Insurance for loss, damages or injury shall be the sole responsibility for each exhibitor at their own cost.    Each vendor will receive 2 parking pass. Failure to comply with the rules may result in removal from the grounds.  

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Vendor information

10x10 spaces =  $65.00 per space    Entire weekend  - Electric Included
(1) Day 10x10 space = $25.00 per day
Camping for Vendor at $50.00 per weekend
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