Mixed Stock Aluminum
9:00am (1M & 1F each leg)
Relay Race Information:
Approximately 30 mile race with 5 legs starting at designated areas
downstream. Teams consist of 6-10 canoeists and one canoe. Teams
must change at each exchange point buoy.Stock aluminum canoes only!

Race Check-in: 7:30am to 8:45am in front of 4987 Route 23
Southside, Oneonta, NY across from the Southside Mall. Watch
for signs

Race Start: Behind the Super 8 Motel on Rt 23 in Oneonta below
the Southside dam on the south side of the river
1st Leg: 3 miles to Rt 205 bridge. Exchange on right side of the
river just after the bridge. Link to map

2nd Leg: 9 miles to Otego/Wells Bridge fishing access. Water is
mostly deep. Link to map

3rd Leg: 8 ¾ miles to Unadilla fishing access. Water varies from
deep to shallow with some rapids. Link to map

4th Leg: 4 ¼ miles to Sidney-Ozzies beach just before Main Street
bridge. Link to map

5th Leg: 4 ¼ miles to General Clinton Park. Water is mostly
For more race information
call 607-386-1351
email gcentries@canoeregatta.org
Team Entry Fee: $200 before April 23 2018     $300  April 24 to may-18

Awards based on number of teams     Entry fee includes 5 free parking passes

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2018 General Clinton Grand Prix Relay
9:00am Sunday 5/27/18