- Steve Collier (Cooperstown, NY):  Completed 38 of 39 starts, mostly in aluminum and competition cruising
divisions. Paddled to victory in the 1988 Standard Aluminum with Mark Banner (they finished 2nd another
year) and can boast of multiple 70-mile finishes with four of his five children.  Strong competitor  among
career amateur-division paddlers.

- Al Shaver Sr. (Maryland, NY): Patriarch of the “Shaver Revolution” in which six family members have
finished the 70-miler a record 75 times.  First race was in 1966. Paddled sprint  (12-mile) races briefly while
training son Al Jr.   Mostly entered in pro division with respectable placings.  Has completed 26 races, one
with wife Sandy (1994).and three current Hall of Fame members (Dave Price, Al Camp and son Al Shaver

- Blair Buchholz (Wellsville, NY): former collegiate wrestler and 35-time finisher, all in competition cruising
division. As a high school shop teacher, Blair got scholastic athletes hooked into paddling through canoe
building projects and competitive training sessions.  Despite no Regatta victories, Blair has been among the
leaders in masters, veterans and seniors classes every year.

- Nick Lyesiuk (Orange, Mass.):  37 endurance races completed, Nick is an integral part of the “Rat Pack”,
a large group of paddlers known for leading the way in the glory days (1970s-80s) of the Grand Prix Relay.
Inspired young paddlers through a “high school challenge” race series;  alumni of that program are among
annual Regatta paddlers. Nick continues to compete in races of various lengths here as well as in

- Clarence “Tete” Pearsall (Bainbridge, NY ): Deceased.   Long time local entrepreneur of several
businesses whose electrical skills were put to good use as the new General Clinton Park was set up in the
early 1970s.  He supervised and provided the extensive wiring of the entire park. But a little-known fact,
even among locals, is that it was Tete's recipe for the chicken barbecue flavoring that established the original
“Taste of Regatta” - the legendary post-race staple for visitors and the sought-after treat for paddlers. That
recipe is still in use today. 

- Eileen Tallmadge (Afton, NY): Involved since 1993 with committee activities. Best known for her lead role
with the Saturday Girl Scout races, including announcing at trophy presentations. Added Boy Scout race
chairman duties in 2005.   Her enthusiasm for these events matches the high energy of the youth involved  in
them.  When it comes to organizing the major canoe action held on Saturday, there is peace of mind knowing
Eileen is in charge!
2018 Hall of Fame Inductees